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GIS and Mapping

Since its inception, Tecnosylva has pioneered the use of new information technologies in land management. Mapping the area, in addition to its own projects, actively involved in most of the work Tecnosylva, using GIS and GNSS (in making geographic data, cartographic generation or multi-criteria analysis). The use of these tools is the hallmark of our company, resulting in a higher quality project development from analysis of data to the presentation of results.

We have participated in projects thematic and varied requirements, for short, we can be classified into:

  • GNSS surveying solutions
  • Scans and vectorizaciones
  • multi-criteria analysis with Geographic Information Systems
  • technical and informative cartographic generation
  • three-dimensional simulations
  • territorial modeling

Remote Sensing

Within the territorial information technologies, we pay special attention to applications of remote sensing using satellite images and aerial orthophoto. We carry several years in practice applying remote sensing utilities, just had more relevance outside the scientific field. Our work focuses on:

  • Applied Remote Sensing scenes medium resolution
  • Remote Sensing object-oriented imágemes or very high resolution orthophotos
  • Technology integration LIDAR