Our processes and services are under the supervision of an integrated quality management system and environmental according to the standards ISO 9001: 2008 (2003), ISO 14000: 2004 (2007), with the following scope: Projects of Forestry and environmental, work measurement and digital mapping, design and development of computer applications related to the above activities and providing solutions based on global navigation systems (GNSS-GPS).

With this latest certification we became the first company from Castilla y León (Spain) in getting these four certifications that guarantee the quality of our processes.

  • V1: Data capture services for electronic, computer and telematic means
  • V2: Development services and maintenance of computer programs

EMAS Certificate

Tecnosylva in it’s bid management and development of projects aimed at the preservation, enhancement and conservation of the environment has been included in the EMAS registration number ES-CL-000033, thus leaving demonstrated its clear intention to contribute positively to the environment with their activities.

EMAS certification completes the Tecnosylva Management System SL, composed Quality Certification (ISO 9001) and Environment (ISO 14001).

Tecnosylva, thus becomes one of the few companies in Castilla y Leon in obtaining the Certificate EMAS, with European validity.

You can read our environmental statement here:

Environmental Statement

And our policy:

Tecnosylva policy