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Great Clients, Successful Projects

The great projects we do reflect the incredible clients we have.  Collaboration is the key to completing projects – on time, on budget and exceeding expectations. Our clients are fundamental to our projects and we would have it no other way.

Over the past 15 years we have been fortunate to work with some of the best forestry and wildfire management agencies on the planet.  This has resulted in a rich portfolio of successful projects, touching almost every subject area in forest development and protection.

Crafting Leading Edge Solutions

Whether it’s in the U.S., Canada, Spain, or Chile, our team has led the industry in the development of advanced GIS-enabled methods for a range of needs – including fuels mapping, fire behavior analysis, simulation modeling, and wildfire risk assessment. We specialize in putting analysis information to use – by encapsulating robust fire science into real-time operational applications – on the desktop, on the web and using local mobile devices.

We pride ourselves in providing world-class wildland fire subject matter expertise coupled with leading edge technology.  To do this we maintain close relationships with the world’s leading wildfire scientists, and regularly collaborate with our partners to support industry research and service our client’s needs.