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fiResponse™ is an enterprise wide decision support system that provides capabilities for monitoring wildland fire incidents and all associated operational activities related to incident response, dispatch and resource tracking.


fiResponse™ is designed to support the entire lifecycle of an incident supporting multiagency use with seamless synchronization and sharing of data between different users, agencies, and devices for tracking incidents – all on a GIS platform!

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fiResponse™ has been used since 1998 providing robust capabilities for Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), AVL, GPS, and mobile data integration, resource tracking and reporting, and ICS assignment, tracking and reporting. The GIS platform provides advanced mapping and reporting capabilities for all phases of wildland firefighting – from prevention to monitoring, detection, response and suppression, impact analysis and after action assessment.




The fiResponse™ platform has apps for desktop, web and mobile interfaces for data input, update and viewing incident and resource information. Data is seamlessly synchronized between users and devices ensuring that everyone is viewing the latest, most up-to-date information – no matter what the source of the data, or what device they are on.


In addition, fiResponse™ continues to operate even during communication failures, or when Internet connectivity is not available. When connectivity is resumed, data updates occur automatically for all users – no effort required.



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