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Technosylva provides a range of subject matter expertise, consulting services and software development capabilities unparalleled for wildfire risk analysis, fire protection planning and fire incident operations.

This expertise is encapsulated in our fiResponse™, Wildfire Analyst™ and Wildfire Risk Atlas products.


Enterprise wildland fire incident management, dispatching and resource tracking system available on an integrated desktop, web and mobile platform.

fiResponse™ represents the collective experience and needs of fire managers from numerous agencies, embedded inside the most robust GIS and DBMS platforms for implementing mission critical applications available from Esri  and Microsoft.

This combination of technology, subject matter expertise and seasoned experience is the foundation required for implementing an agency-wide wildfire incident management system.

Check out our fiResponse™ page for more information and product demos.



Wildfire Analyst™ is advanced state-of-the-art wildfire behavior and spread simulation for both desktop and web services, delivering real-time modeling capabilities to your fingertips in minutes.

The software integrates real-time weather acquisition with advanced modeling to calculate where a fire is going, when it going to reach critical locations, and what potential impacts there may be. Wildfire Analyst™ is essential for incident commanders and operational decision makers.

Check out our Wildfire Analyst™ page for more information and product demos.

Wildfire Analyst™


As a leading provider of wildfire risk assessment services in the Nation, we are driven to develop the best solutions for putting the information to use. Working closely with state agencies, we have developed a customizable interactive web mapping application that provides tools for planners, decision makers,  and the public, to utilize risk assessment outputs immediately, whether for CWPP, FireWise or related mitigation and prevention planning efforts.

The Wildfire Risk Atlas Portal (WRAP) is a suite of web & mobile applications that encapsulates wildfire risk data to support integration into planning activities, whether it is CWPP development, fuel treatment planning, or outreach activities with local homeowners.